Kamidai space character


Kamidai space character

Characters that connect God and people, people and people
KASMIYO letters were used in Japan to convey the will of Gods, but later they were also used between people. Therefore, the vibration of Gods entered the letters with the light, and by writing it, it had a positive effect on partners.
This is the beginning and meaning of the letters.
And what is important in modern times is that when Japanese and other people around the world can read this character and coming to understand that “ancient Japanese characters are the source of the characters in the world” and “the world was originally one”, the peace of the world will come naturally.

What are Japanese characters?

At first, the letters were created by God and used by God to convey his will, so the letters contain the energy of God, and it is better for the other person to write it. I was able to influence.
Therefore, it was later allowed by the emperor (Sumeramikoto) to be used between people.

That is, the Japanese character is a model of the vibration of “Mikokoro” from the Creator God “Genichigami”, and that is the Jindai moji.

However, since the introduction of Chinese characters, the meaning of Kotodama and the characters have often been confused, and it continues to this day.

What is Jindai moji?

Kotoba and letters are originally created by God in a unified manner for humankind.
Mystery and mystery should know the godlessness

In the following figure, “Frequency = Wavelength” + “Particle Number: Meta-Mecha” is breathing, and the order of “Akasatana …” is the order of God who appeared for the creation of heaven and earth. It is the order, and the style of Jindai moji changes each time.

According to the Absolute Law of the Universe, all things are represented by numbers and patterns by the concentration of energy particles.
And it is thought that the way of concentrating energy particles is different, and the way of expressing the smallest unit is the way of expressing letters and pronunciation.
Therefore, the number organization and pronunciation are universal as shown in the table.

Although the origin of the Japanese language is super-ancient, the super-ancient gods show their intentions and activities as the number of concentration of life energy particles and the number of breathing air, arranged in a centrifugal radial pattern from the nucleus to the sphere, and then. , Probably created the letters and pronunciation.
Hundreds of Jindai moji have been created with the passage of time, based on the Kana characters in the form of the Goddess of God. The number organization and pronunciation are unchanged, only the letters change, and it is considered that they have reached the present letters.

The words (spirits) of nature are numbers and forms
It is important for us to utilize the spiritual energy given by God. To do this, we need to connect with nature from our daily lives and “make nature a scripture.”
Numbers and shapes are common words in the world
Computers (wisdom), computers (knowledge), natural mathematics (mathematical spirits) and artificial mathematics are different.
You can’t beat natural domination
No one has seen energy, time, light, waves, electricity, magnetism, heat, force, wind, etc.
You only know through the results with the medium. Shadows and consequences arise from light and causes. They emit waves from the behavior of the premise of particle monism (left-handed vortex concentration).
Japanese ancient language ancestral solution
The world of Kotodama is Aouei Iroha Hifumi (completed)

Declaration of Oharae

Japan’s ultra-ancient times began 230,000 years ago with a group headed by Ishvishuyawae, the gods we call, who settled on Earth from the Pleiades tailor solar system, Lira.
Around 600 BC, Amenokoyanenomikoto (Ame-no-Koyanenomikoto), a member of the Hebjiba (Amaterasu Omikami), concentrated energy particles on the Job clan (Southern Jewish), that is, the breath of life. Ki is shown by a number, arranged radially from the nucleus of the sphere, followed by letters and pronunciation. The ancient idea of “tama = sphere = spirit” is, in other words, a paradigm of a language common to phenomenology and life energy essence, based on the idea that “the words of nature are numbers and forms”.
The “number of sound spirits” is thought to have been created in ancient times. It can be known from the “God Man God Star Statue Kana 51 Characters” (47 characters, Japanese syllabary, created by Emperor Akinaga Toyomoto, the first god of the ancient times).

Spirits include Kotodama, sound spirits, number spirits, pattern spirits, and color spirits.
Let’s take an example.
Continue to chant Namami Dabutsu. The voice gradually calms down.
Continue to chant Nanmyo Horengekyo. Then, the voice will gradually increase. This is the effect of Kotodama.
Worship the sun. This is because nature has energy, and the sun is close to it, so at this time, chanting Amaterasu Ohiohokami is to use the spirit.

Sound spirit When chanting congratulatory words, it is the sound spirit that uses long sticks, bells, and applause. In addition, gratitude and applause indicate that we are defenseless against God.
Number spirit Everything consists of numbers.
Haunted spirit It refers to the symbol of the god of the cross and the mark of the shrine, and they have energy.
Color spirit The color you like changes depending on your consciousness because you are unconsciously using your energy.

Ancient Japanese language

In ancient Japan, there are “Kotodama, sound spirits, and number spirits”, and the gods that are considered to be spirits are as follows.

・ Kogotoms Binokami (Reigami from Kodai)
・ Hitokotonushi no Kami (Hitokotonushi no Kami)
・ Yagokoro Omoikane no Kami
・ Yaeko Toshiro Nushinokami (Yaeji Kotoshironushi)
・ Futonorito Nomikoto (Futonorito Shrine)

The five gods are considered to be the founders.

Originally, it is said that each character contains ambiguity, and the words that spring from the soul, which is the source of life, have the essence of life and have a function as a psychic.
It is also a number circulation wave like “word = ko (7) to (17) ba (66) = 90 = ninety wave (kotoba) = 9”, it is a spring of life energy, and words are deep in numbers and roots. You can see that they are connected.

About Iroha 48 characters

In Japan, it is believed that “Kana” and “Iroha Uta” were made by Kobo Daishi from ancient times, but “Katakana (elephant god name)” is from the Jindai moji, which is much older than Kobo-sama, and there are many types of “Jindai moji”. , Kobo Daishi used “Hiragana” from the katakana of the Jindai moji. Forty-eight letters, that is, the work of only the forty-eight gods, have a deep meaning.

Furthermore, “Iroha” has a code hidden in the hiragana crown (Kutsukamuri).
In “Iroha 48 characters”, there is a mystery that “Ichiyora’s Yahae can’t solve anything without knowing it.”
This is a secret mystery that the meaning of “Iroha” 48 characters cannot be understood without knowing the original god Amatsu Mioya, who was involved in the creation of the material world at the time of the creation of heaven and earth.
“Ichiyora” means that there is only one.

Revive the memory of the soul from Mt. Kurai, the land of "Hitama"

A vibration only from the heaven and earth creator god “Genichigami” was dropped by the emperor “Sumeramikoto” of Japan “spiritual origin country” 230,000 years ago, and it was designed in an easy-to-understand manner so that it can be seen with the naked eye. I did.
However, it was dictated to a few people, that is, people called Mikotosama.
The written place was the first pyramid to be built on the earth, “Hikarimando”. It was a magnificent temple on the hillside of Mt. Hitting the light rock ”
The style of letters has been modeled by Sumeramikoto, who is in charge of that era, along with the movement of celestial bodies, the composition of various elements, and the energy of the sun, moon, and soil.

At that time, the people were based on the union of the gods and the oneself, and were naturally endowed with good health and were allowed to live hundreds of years.
Such people are called True Sons of God and Humans.

Now, in the 21st century, we have become human beings and human beings, and the natural world is still pouring the energy of love from ancient times, but we are losing the power to receive it. increase.
In other words, the memories of those days faded and I forgot that they were being used on the earth, and I lived with my own heart and became far away from being a child of God. It is the cause. It’s a real shame.

His Imperial Highness Emperor Hirohito, who is also a descendant of Sumeramikoto who was aware of this phenomenon, was baptized by fire in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the war, and Japan’s reconstruction In order to do so, we have taken steps to restore the “ancient” to the original energy of the times.
It is shown to the naked eye from the field of art in order to revive the memory of the soul even if it is not immediately understood by modern people as an improvement of the invisible world, that is, the idea, such as Ko-Shintō, Kotodama and Jindai moji. I want you to raise it!
And if possible, I would like the Son of God to come back and cooperate in the purification of the earth as soon as possible! Thank you for telling us your intention.

For this reason, I, who has a calligrapher as an ancestor, has been selected and continues to this day.
For those who learn and experience at this Reichi Juku, first of all, purify your thoughts and stabilize your mind by practicing letters!
The true sense of value, the revival of health due to changes in fate, etc. will come to the surface of the body.
This is also one step that you will realize. The ultimate is to understand the invisible world of spirits, kotodama, number spirits, color spirits, pattern spirits, sound spirits, etc. by direct intuition, and each soul shines and returns!
In other words, the purpose is to return to the true Son of God.

And now, I hope that you will understand the preciousness of being born and alive in Japan at this time, be aware of what role Japan has for the world, and become a good Japanese person. increase.
The fact that each and every one of us has a vast heart, looks at the world lovingly, and stands up and improves ourselves is the first thing that will impress the God who created us.
I hope you will wake up as soon as possible and do your best.

The romance of the overlapping universe

How many people are now deeply grateful for the importance and beauty of letters in the natural nature of human beings who cherish the leaves of words and leave them to the letters.

What the old people carved into stones and wrote on the skins of animals, and what the leftovers mean and what they are talking about, I am now in the romance of the overlapping universe. Later, when I feel the importance of Japanese characters, which will surely show wonderful results, I enjoy writing characters with a sense that goes beyond artistry.

Profile of Keiyuki Ando

Born in Tokyo, the third generation of calligraphers
As the Chinese characters and kana characters transmitted from China became popular among people, they began to seek their source, and arrived at the ancient character Jindai moji.
What was the letter for?
What is the origin of the word? and so on

Now the road is spiritual wisdom! In other words, there is truth in the invisible place, and everything starts from there and produces results!
〇The words (spirits) of nature are numbers and shapes!
〇Numbers and shapes are common words in the world!
Computers (wisdom), computers (knowledge), natural mathematics (mathematical spirits) and artificial mathematics are different.
〇 You cannot win the rule of nature!
No one has seen energy, time, light, waves, electricity, time, heat, force, wind, etc.
You are only supposed to know through the results with the medium.
〇 I was able to understand that the ancient Japanese language = Aouei Iroha Hifumi was complete.
In conclusion, the world is one! One of the origins of humankind!
〇 Japanese people (the country of origin of spirits) have understood from ancient times by understanding the natural world!

The world is one source, another source of humankind

Originally, there is no sect or sect in the universe.
The world of Kotodama and Jindai moji proves that.
Now is the time for humankind on Earth to intuitively feel the evolution of the universe and how to adapt to its movements and energies. And you need to master it in a short amount of time.

The purpose of the calligraphy school is to make people recognize the meaninglessness of having a fighting heart and to create a world of non-conflict and Aiwa.
In addition, it is a place to create a seed person as a person who will be useful for the next civilization by reforming the soul and training the Jindai moji. (Learn all the spiritual world)
It is a high-dimensional human being who lives with the high-dimensional scientific civilization realized in the 21st era.
I would like to inform those who want to understand the evolution of the universe at the soul level.

The ancient Japanese were able to know God and the true science by the energy of Kotodama and the energy of the letters that blow it up. And I was living by making the most of it.
It was made to be forgotten from a certain time (when the Jindai moji was erased), and it was designed so that the spiritual register of Japanese could be forgotten at the same time.
By knowing its meaning, it is now understood that the Japanese, the origin of the spirits that are the origin of the five colors, must open their eyes and contribute to the human race in the world. .. That is the true salvation of humankind …
Calligraphy Reichi Juku
Presided over by Keiyuki Ando